Pat Hogarty

Instructor Introduction

My name is Pat Hogarty and I will be your instructor for the course. Currently, I teach both real estate and computer science courses. Some of the real estate courses I have taught include principles, practice, finance, economics and computer application in real estate. I have also taught all of the Windows Operating System courses, Linux and UNIX, networking, Cisco Networking, all Microsoft Office Applications and web site development. My hobbies include photography, videography, travel, flying aircraft and motorcycle riding. I enjoy teaching online courses because it allows me to be creative and use a lot of my hobby skills like photography, videography, writing and web site development during course development. Following is a list of contact my contact information:

Office Location: Room B 212 located on the second floor of the Business Building

Web Site:

Email Address:

Special Note: Email is the best way to contact me. I check my email several times a day and often on weekends.